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The government is the association of people, for the people and by the people. Its configuration needs elections. Elections are nothing without voters. India is the world’s largest democracy with about a billion voters. Our voting system is based on the code of universal adult suffrage.

Any citizen over the age of 18 can vote in an election and the right to vote is irrespective of gender, caste or religion. Voters’ Participation in the electoral process is necessary to the successful functioning of any democracy and the root of wholesome democratic elections.

Every year we see the constant and the new candidates with almost the same prospectus. Everybody has something to offer with a guarantee of getting nothing done. It’s almost like a movie where we see the people appealing for votes to get into power by hook or crook. Influence of power, offering gifts (bribe) before elections, an agreement to all the demands with hands joined and fake promises just to loot out the vote bank as much as possible.

We are a mix of educated and uneducated voters. Some of us are well aware of the election tactics and the real face of the candidates but some of the voters either get trapped in the false pledges or some just vote the candidates they see campaigning a lot (because the name is highlighted to them). Voting is our voice; it’s our opinion. The voters not just press a button, they select their representative.

We, at The Election Hub, aim to provide all the information related to the elections, political parties, the functioning, agendas and all the required information which will help you in deciding where your vote will go. We have also voted sometime before with either half or no knowledge but voting right is the most important right, we have realized. We, the people, can form or destroy the governing body. Each vote has an immense power to change the decision. We should be totally aware of what is going around us.
Most of us are unhappy with the current ruling body but some of us are totally satisfied. Now it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine. This would be like a boomerang effect of what goes around comes around. The Election Hub wants every voter to be aware enough to choose their spokesperson. An educated India will select better heads to put the crown on. The Election Hub will strive to update you with all the information that will help you in a better decision making.