We are all familiar with our esteemed Parliament and what all does it take to be a member there. Surprisingly, a Member of Parliament doesn’t always have to fight elections to get a seat. Do you know that there are some special members that get the same power and privilege as the other members of the body without going through all the campaigning and election stress? Yes! We do have some chosen ones in the house.


President of India nominates the members for both the houses. The membership of Rajya Sabha is limited to 250 members out of which 12 are directly nominated by the President of India from amid individuals who have special skills or practical experience in respect of matters as literature, science, art and social service, says article 80 of the constitution. Also, as per Article 331, the President may appoint two members from Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha, if in his judgment this community is not represented satisfactorily. So, out of the maximum strength 552 members of Lok Sabha, 2 are from the Anglo-Indian community.

What is the rationale for nomination in the Parliament

Our Constitution has made sure that the country must also receive the assistance of the most famed personalities of the nation who have earned excellence in their field of work. By recommending them to the Parliament, the State not only acknowledges their worth and bestows credit on them, but also facilitates them to deepen the discussions by their proficiency and skills that they have in various fields.  The nominated members of Rajya Sabha are on the seat for a period of 6 years whereas the nominated members of Lok Sabha stay for 5 years.

The initial members

The first batch lot of the 12 esteemed nominated members consisted of proven talents, some of which were Dr. Zakir Husain- a great scholar and educationist, Shri Maithilisharan Gupta- the national poet, eminent scientist Professor Satyendranath Bose- prominent scientist professor , Shri N.R. Malkani- a big name amongst social workers, Shrimati Rukmini Devi Arundale- a famous promoter of classical dance forms and famous stage actor and cine star Shri Prithviraj Kapoor- famous cine and stage actor.

Their power

All the powers, benefits and protection offered that an elected Member of Rajya Sabha enjoys is given to the nominated members.  Like any other member, they also take part in the proceedings of the House.

However, they can vote for the vice president but not in the presidential election. In case of nominated Lok Sabha members, they are entitled to all the powers PLUS one, that is, they can take part in the election of the President, unlike Rajya Sabha members.

Choosing a party

Under article 99 of the constitution, a six months time is given to the nominated members to decide should he decide if he/she wants to join a political party after he has taken his seat in the House.

The contribution

The standard of debates in the House is certainly elevated by the participation of the nominated members in the discussions on subjects of their pursuit and taking part in the debates on matters of national significance.

Everybody in This House has always been all ears to the nominated members; they are paid great attention and are listened with fascination. The Parliament has benefited from their impartial views and considerate suggestions.

The nominated members with stupendous excellence and peculiarity always add to the worth and pride of the House making it a body that presents tranquil thoughts on dealings of national significance that comes before it.

The members of the Anglo- Indian community are required to voice the opinions of the entire community.

Current nominated members of Indian Parliament

Added to the list we have some modern day names that have already made India so proud with their work, we can’t thank them enough: 33 years old Indian Olympic boxer MC Mary Kom (2016-2022); economist, mathematician and lawyer Subramanian Swamy (2016-2022); master blaster Sachin Tendulkar (2012-2018); the phenomenal cine actress Rekha ji (2012-2018); renowned senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta (2016-2022) and a businesswoman & a social worker Anu Aga. These were some of the names who have recently made it to the Rajya Sabha.

President Pranab Mukherjee has also nominated 2 members from the Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha– actor George Baker and professor Richard Hay.

Below Par Performance

There were disappointments on the poor attendance of Sachin Tendulkar and Rekha. Out of 348 days since their nomination, Sachin has attended only 23 days while Rekha ji were present on merely 18 days.

The per day salary of Sachin and Rekha is Rs. 3,60,000 and Rs. 2,56,000 respectively. Their participation is substandard in terms of joining in debates and asking questions.




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