Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018 Results:

Meghalaya, one of the seven northeastern states of India will be seeing the Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018 in February this year. It is evident that these elections are going to be crucial for the state and the Meghalaya Assembly 2018 Election results will be awaited by all for many reasons.With a unicameral legislature, this State Legislative Assembly also known as the VidhanSabha has 60 members which are directly elected. Currently, the seat of the Legislative Assembly is at Shillong, which is the capital of Meghalaya, so we can definitely expect some action in Shillong after the Meghalaya Election results of 2018. It is being estimated that the poll details and poll schedule of Meghalaya would soon be announced in January 2018. Achal Kumar Joti, the Chief Election Commissioner, told the media that he was satisfied with the VidhanSabha poll preparations happening in the state and he believed that the state was ready to go to polls anytime. He was confident that the Meghalaya Poll Results of 2018 will be satisfactory due to the solid preparation and there will be no discrepancies. The upcoming assembly elections in Meghalaya which has 60 seats will mark its 10th legislature. The state is currently under the rule of Congress government. The Meghalaya Assembly Elections results will be important because of another reason, since two other states, Nagaland and Tripura, along with Meghalaya, will go to the polls in 2018. Since the last elections were held in 2013, the Meghalaya Poll results will not be the only ones to change the political scenarios of the three northeastern states.

In the Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018, the Indian National Congress (INC), the Bharatiya Janata party(BJP), NPP (National People Party), United Democratic Party (UDP) and People Democratic Front (PDF) are the main political parties which are going to compete, that is why the Meghalaya Election results will add to the power of any political party that wins the state. However, it would be difficult to predict the election results in Meghalaya in 2018 since the political environment in India is currently profoundly unstable.

The Speaker of the current State assembly is Abu Taher Mondal and the Deputy Speaker of the assembly isSanborShullai‎, while the Leader of the Opposition is Donkupar Roy of the BJP.

History: Meghalaya Assembly Election Results

After the Indian independence, The Indian Parliament passed the Assam Reorganization (Meghalaya) Act in 1969, which prompted the foundation of a self-sufficient province of Meghalaya within Assam on April 2, 1970. A legislature of 37 members for the new autonomous state was established, with representatives elected indirectly by the autonomous direct councils. The first sitting of the assembly took place in Tura on April 14, 1970. In 1971, the Indian Parliament passed the North-Eastern Areas (Reorganization) Act, which converted Meghalaya from an autonomous state within Assam to a full member state of the Indian Union. The State of Meghalaya was officially formed on January 21, 1972. The Legislative Assembly was then reconstituted as a directly elected body. The regions of Meghalaya are represented in the Assembly, with 29 members elected from Khasi Hills, 7 from Jaintia Hills and 24 from Garo Hills.

The eighth elections for the Legislative Assembly were held on 3 March 2008. The Meghalaya Election results ended with the election of 25 representatives from the Indian National Congress, 14 from the Nationalist Congress Party, 11 from the United Democratic Party and 9 from amongst the other parties and independents. The election for one constituency – Baghmara – was postponed.

The ninth and most recent elections for the Legislative Assembly were held on 14 February 2013. This election result in Meghalaya resulted in the election of 29 representatives from the Indian National Congress, 13 independents, 8 from the United Democratic Party and 10 from 5 other parties.

Political Scenario In the North East

Two other northeastern states — Tripura and Nagaland, will have polling in the same period. The assemblies in Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland have 60 seats each.

The five-year terms of the Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura assemblies would expire on 6, 13 and 14 March, respectively.

While the Left Front holds power in Tripura, the Congress is in power in Meghalaya and the Naga People’s Front-led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) is in Nagaland. It is known that the DAN is supported by the BJP.

The poll panel already announced that the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machine attached to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) would be used in all the polling stations of the three states, therefore the Meghalaya Assembly Election results in 2018, along with the other two state results will be reliable and free from many discrepancies.

Top news headlines that may affect the Meghalaya Assembly Election results 2018

– NPP’s Conrad K Sangma confident of defeating Congress in upcoming polls

-Congress legislator AL Hek, three other MLAs join BJP ahead of polls if in case the Meghalaya Assembly election results in 2018 land with the BJP

-Confident BJP will overthrow Congress-led govt and come to power, says Amit Shah

-KJ Alphons announces tourism projects worth Rs 70 crore ahead of Meghalaya polls

-AAP to contest 35 seats in state say they have a ‘good chance of winning’ and are sure that Meghalaya Election results in 2018 will be in their favor

-NPP’s Conrad K Sangma confident of defeating Congress in upcoming polls

-Ahead of Meghalaya Assembly elections, govt transfers 18 senior police officers


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